Janico Products

Find a wide selection of janitorial supplies when you shop Janico Products. Find Mops, Trash Receptacles, Cleaning Tools, and more to keep yourself and your coworkers safe.


For over 17 years, Janico has been the one-stop shop for commercial janitorial products used by companies around the world. We specialize in producing cleaning supplies from sponges and scour pads, to push brooms and scented sprays, and everything in between! We’ve built five unique brands for each of our product categories, each filled with high-quality commercial products for any business to use, big or small.


Janico’s reputation was built upon the principles of remaining innovative in trying times, while also holding each product that leaves our factory to high-quality standards. For improved speed and efficiency in our manufacturing and distribution processes, we have over 30 facilities located across multiple countries including the United States, employing thousands of hardworking people across the world.

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