Get organized with index dividers from The Safety Source LLC. Our premium office supplies are binder-ready and come pre-punched with holes to fit a standard three-ring binder. Index dividers are used to divide sections in a binder, so you can use one binder to hold multiple types of documents, finding everything you need quickly and easily. Use dividers to break up your operating manual into sections or to keep receipts, invoices and other important documents separated. For educators, dividers can be used to separate subjects, lesson plans and much more.

Dividers in Every Style

At The Safety Source LLC, you'll find dividers in every color and style. From basic beige paper dividers to plastic dividers with built-in pockets on either side, we carry dividers that work for any industry and any need. Choose colorful index dividers that pop, pocket dividers for extra storage or even white dividers with erasable tabs that can be used over and over again. Select styles of dividers come with an index sheet so you can create a quick reference guide to make accessing important information even easier.

Affordable Office Organization

A binder and index tab system is one of the most affordable office organization systems you can implement. Great for businesses, schools, students and more, binder dividers work to keep everything organized and easily accessible. A high-quality, reinforced index divider will last for years, keeping documents separated and making these affordable office additions a must-have for nearly any industry. Plus, with so many styles of dividers to choose from, there's a divider set to solve all of your document organization needs.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC for the best selection of index dividers you've ever seen. We carry dozens of different styles to choose from for professionals, students, small business owners and more. While you're shopping for index dividers, don't forget to pick up a new binder while you're here.

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