Modular Inplant Offices

Inplant Offices

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Inplant offices are small buildings that fit inside warehouses or factories. They are convenient facilities that allow for comfortable and quiet office space for personnel.


Modular units are preplanned and prefabricated but can be connected and customized to best suit your company’s needs.


They can be installed anywhere in a warehouse, can be any layout you desire, and can even be more than one story tall.


    1. Noise reduction ratings
    2. Our modular inplant offices offer sound transmission class (STC) ratings up to 47 and average dB reduction levels up to 48. These ratings ensure your employees are protected from loud machinery or factory surroundings so they can focus and complete tasks more efficiently.

  1. Privacy and security
  2. Modular rooms can be equipped with security features to limit access or visibility. These customizations keep sensitive operations or information safe from unauthorized personnel.

  3. Temperature control
  4. Particularly useful in unconditioned environments, in-plant offices can be equipped with a variety of HVAC unit types to keep your employees comfortable throughout the workday.

  5. Single to multi-story designs
  6. Modular inplant offices can be easily designed to create multi-story structures, increasing overall workspace without expanding your final structure’s footprint. Upper levels on larger span structures can easily be supported with the integration of one of our structural steel mezzanines.
Custom Design

Every project is custom designed to fit your needs and budget for your location.


Every project is custom designed to fit your needs and budget for your location.


Every project is custom designed to fit your needs and budget for your location.

We Build Inplant Offices...Better!

The Safety Source LLC is a leader in the design, build, and implementation of modular implant offices. All of our modular implant offices are constructed of long-lasting and durable materials.


All pieces are universal and can be disassembled and reused in any orientation you wish in the future.

Our implant offices are precision engineered and include:


  • - Structural steel columns
  • - ⅝” type X gypsum board on both sides
  • - Solid connections with no gaps
  • - 3” or ticker walls
  • - Galvanized steel components
  • - End wall steel support for storage space or a second floor

Our Commitment

Our pre-engineered in-plant office system delivers unbeatable quality, flexibility and affordability. When you choose The Safety Source for your inplant or modular office project, we guarantee a product that you get:


Faster. Our manufacturers have a large inventory of standard components means we can quote, manufacture and ship your order faster.


Leaner. We partner with ultra-efficient manufacturers whose production process keeps our costs low. Lower cost to us means lower cost to you.


Better. Our partners are family-owned and operated for over 100 years, which means a refined pre-engineered system that offers the best quality and reliability.

Modular Office

3 Simple Steps

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

Receive an initial call within 24 hours. We'll assess your needs and visions.

Accurate Estimation

Accurate Estimation

Receive your quote in 48 hours. We ensure speed and accuracy.

Secure Installation

Secure Installation

We safely and secure install your project, ensuring minimal distractions to you.

Our Service Highlights

We can design and install modular inplant offices of all different shapes and sizes. Nothing is beyond our scope; here are a few examples of recent projects.

Multi-Story Inplant Office

High Wall Options

Modular Offices

Custom Color Solutions

Modular Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms offer a range of benefits across industries and applications. These controlled environments excel in contamination control, ensuring that sensitive processes, materials, and equipment perform optimally. By minimizing airborne particles and pollutants, cleanrooms enhance product quality, decrease rework or rejection rates, and meet strict regulatory requirements. The controlled conditions in cleanrooms also lead to increased yield, productivity, and efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved operational performance. Moreover, cleanrooms safeguard delicate equipment from potential damage caused by dust or contaminants, extending their lifespan and maintaining their accuracy and reliability. This protection, coupled with employee safety measures, contributes to a secure working environment for personnel, minimizing health risks and hazards.


Cleanrooms also offer flexibility and modularity, allowing for customization based on specific needs. With modular cleanrooms, organizations can easily expand, reconfigure, or relocate their cleanroom spaces as requirements change, ensuring scalability and adaptability. This versatility empowers businesses to meet evolving production or research needs effectively. Overall, cleanrooms play a crucial role in maintaining contamination-free conditions, ensuring compliance, improving product quality, and providing a safe working environment for personnel and sensitive equipment across industries such as manufacturing of sensitive material, scientific research, and laboratory work.

Packaging Rooms

Pharmaceutical Packaging Cleanrooms offer pharmaceutical companies a clean space where they can safely package medication without risking contamination while extending shelf life and promoting quality. Choosing a modular option offers an affordable, easily adaptable solution for your controlled environment needs.

CMM Rooms

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) are an important piece of equipment for many factories, as they carefully and accurately measure components. As such CMM rooms, or CMM enclosures, provide these machines the right environment in which to properly work.

Isolation Rooms

Airborne infection isolation rooms can be built quickly and installed cleanly to provide you with USP and FDA compliant environments that can be easily customized to fit your unique space needs.

Controlled Environment Rooms

Controlled environmental rooms are essential when you need a controlled temperature and environment to produce quality goods. Choosing a modular option is an easy, adaptable, and affordable solution to your environmentally controlled needs.

Success Stories

The team at The Safety Source sat down and looked at our current space and provided an out of the box solution - a two story mezzanine with a inplant office installed on the 2nd floor. This solution was not only cost effective it was designed and installed on time and on budget. Thanks for being a vendor we can rely on.

Facility Manager

Magna Seating Detroit

We have been contracting The Safety Source to manage our MRO supplies with their state of the art vending software we have seen on average $6,000 per month savings! They also perform pallet racking repairs and installation and have always accommodated our busy production schedule and provided the best value.

Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Detroit Manufacturing Systems

Our Manufacturing Partners

Panel Built

Companies We Work With

Buffalo Wild Wings
Fisher Dynamics
Diez Group

Inplant Offices

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Why Have The Safety Source Install Your Inplant Modular Office?

The Safety Source is reliable, affordable, and fast responding. We take all of your requests into account and create and install a modular inplant office precisely to your specifications.


We only use top-of-the-line materials and can install the inplant office in your manufacturing or warehouse facility while minimally affecting your day-to-day processes.


Q. What’s the average lead time?

- The average lead time for a new implant office is 3 to 6 weeks but varies depending on the size and complexity of the implant office.

Q. How tall can you make the buildings?

- Typically two-story is the maximum height we provide.

Q. What are the standard design features for your modular wall panels?

- Some standard design features include galvanized steel components and ⅝” gypsum board on the inside and outside for better noise reduction.

Q. Can you build modular buildings to serve specific purposes?

Yes, we can build implant buildings for break rooms, lunchrooms, office rooms, clean rooms, conferences, and more.

Q. How can I get a rough estimate of the costing quickly?

Yes, contact us today, and we can provide an estimate quickly.

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