When you need to throw something out, the last thing you want to do is fumble around with a bag. Say goodbye to the struggle when you order waste receptacles from The Safety Source LLC. Not only will our trash cans make your life a little bit easier, they also make it obvious to employees and guests where they should throw things out. Place trash cans strategically around the office or outside to make sure that refuse goes where it belongs.

Trash Cans in All Sizes

Some situations call for a little trash can while others call for a larger barrel. Whatever your waste receptacle needs may be, The Safety Source LLC has a can to fit. Our trash cans are made from durable materials and come in all shapes and sizes, so you can stash a trash can next to your desk for documents and put one in the breakroom for lunchtime leftovers. Trash receptacles are available with or without lids depending on your needs. We also carry trash can liners to fit all of our trash cans for sale.

Trash and Recycle Combos

Need a separate recycling bin from your trash can? No problem. The Safety Source LLC carries a variety of standalone recycling bins as well as trash and recycle combos. Our two-sided combination bins offer space on one side for trash and space on the other for recycling. Enjoy effortless organization and trash separation without increasing the footprint needed for your trash can. Our dual-sided designs are sleek, intelligent and perfect for the workplace.

Order your favorite trash receptacles online at The Safety Source LLC and get organized. Our trash cans are made from quality materials and are designed as a central collection point for trash. Order one for each desk or room in your office, or pick up a few large trash cans to place in central locations throughout your establishment. Outdoor trash cans are also popular and with our low prices, you can afford to order any waste receptacle you like.

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