Say goodbye to bad smells and lingering odors by shopping for air fresheners and odor control products at The Safety Source LLC. We carry a variety of professional-grade air improvement products that are designed to leave a fresh scent behind after completely eliminating foul odors and stagnant smells. Whether you're freshening up a bathroom or making sure a storage space stays crisp, our air freshening products are designed to work quickly and to keep air smelling fresh for longer.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are often accused of simply masking odors, but the key to the popularity of this type of product is the lingering scent it leaves behind. A pleasant scent can be beneficial to improving productivity and to making a waiting area seem a little more welcome. Air fresheners from The Safety Source LLC come in a variety of pleasing scents to choose from that are perfect for bathrooms, reception areas, offices and more. Plus, our air fresheners are sold in value-priced commercial quantities, so they're perfect for businesses and power users.

Odor Control

Don't just cover up bad smells, eliminate them completely with odor control products from The Safety Source LLC. Our odor neutralizing products work at the source of the smell, working quickly to eliminate the source of the foul odor. Odor control products are perfect for spaces with repeat offenders, such as public restrooms, locker rooms, veterinarian offices and more. Odor control products include things like chemical cleaners and enzyme-based formulas that break down the source of the smell in order to eliminate it completely.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC to get the smell out. Whether you're looking to freshen up an indoor space or to completely eliminate an offensive odor, we're here to help with products that are effective, affordable and long-lasting. Browse our impressive selection today to find the odor-eliminating technology that's right for your needs.

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