Keep your business running smoothly by ordering cash handling supplies including safes, cash bags and counterfeit detectors at The Safety Source LLC. We carry everything you need to successfully accept payments, keep cash safe and transport money between your business and the bank. Our collection of cash handling equipment is perfect for any type of business, whether you deal primarily in cash or rarely need to make a deposit.

Cash Handling

If you work in a retail atmosphere, odds are that you handle a pretty good amount of cash on any given day. Make sure your staff has the tools they need to safely handle, store and transport money by shopping at The Safety Source LLC for all kinds of cash handling supplies. We carry cash bags, cash drawers, cash registers and much more so your staff can feel confident and comfortable handling money and checking out customers.

Storage and Security

When storing cash at your place of business, it's important to think about security. A shoebox full of bills isn't the best option and can make you a target for theft. Make sure your money is secure by installing a safe in a back room or office. A safe is a heavy, thick box with a hinged door and a combination or keyed lock that can only be accessed with the right credentials. This means you can choose who can access the safe and who cannot, keeping the contents more secure. Store cash in the safe between deposits or store sensitive business documents. Pair a safe with some cash bags to keep money for deposits and money for operating separated and secure.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC for the cash handling products you need and want. Make your business run a little smoother by making it easy for employees to handle money and make deposits. Browse our selection online and enjoy fast shipping on everything you need.

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