When it comes to cleaning hard floors, nothing gets the job done quite like an old fashioned mop and bucket. Fill the bucket with your favorite floor cleaner and then get to work, wet mopping the messes away. At The Safety Source LLC, we carry mops and buckets in a variety of sizes and styles, so janitorial companies, small businesses and even schools can find the cleaning tools they need to get the job done right.


You certainly can't mop the floors well without a quality mop. At The Safety Source LLC, we carry a variety of mops to choose from with strong, cotton heads. Our washable mop heads are reusable and easy to care for, saving you time and money while keeping your floors squeaky clean. Cotton mop heads can be used for cleaning messes or for absorbing spills. Plus, many of our mops are designed with replaceable mop heads, so you can save money on your janitorial needs.

For dusting hard-to-reach places and flooring in rooms that aren't used often, a dust mop is the way to go. Dust mops consist of a microfiber head attached to a pole. Use the dusting mop to clean cobwebs or to wipe along floor boards, quickly grabbing and trapping dust so it can be removed.


A mop won't do much for cleaning your floor without a good mop bucket. For heavy-duty cleaning, a mop bucket with a side wringer is a great choice. Many of our heavy-duty commercial mop buckets are made with wheeled bases, so they're easy to move from one room to the next. Smaller buckets without wringers or wheels are also available for quick cleaning tasks. All of our mop buckets are made to hold floor cleaners and other diluted chemicals without degrading.

Visit The Safety Source LLC for the best selection of mops and mop buckets. Shop for mop heads, mop handles, buckets with wringers and much more, all at our fantastic prices. Our impressive selection of mopping products and floor traffic signs makes it easy to find just what you need to keep your hard floors clean and safe to navigate. Order online and enjoy fast shipping.

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