Cleaning hard surfaces just got a little bit easier thanks to The Safety Source LLC. Whether your floors are made from wood, tile, concrete or some other hard surface, we have the tools you need to keep it clean and tidy. We carry a variety of brooms, dust pans, dusters, mops and more to whisk away dirt to maintain a clean work environment. Our professional-grade equipment is designed to last, with heavy-duty bristles, non-slip handles and other distinctive features.


The most basic tool for cleaning a hard floor is a broom and at The Safety Source LLC, we have tons of different brooms to choose from. We carry traditional corn brooms, angle brooms, push brooms and even handheld countertop brushes. We also carry dust pans that clip onto brooms and dust pans with handles, so containing the mess is easy. Whether you prefer soft bristles or hard bristles, our brooms are designed to tackle everyday debris with ease.


For stuck-on messes and dirt that just won't budge, a mop is a must-have essential to keep in your cleaning arsenal. Our mops and buckets come in a variety of styles, so you can mop, rinse, ring and repeat until your floors are sparkling clean. For stores and large commercial spaces, check out our Janico 1010 Mop Bucket With Side Press Wringer Combo, which delivers mobile mopping power where you need it the most and is compatible with most of our standard cotton mop heads.


If dust has you down, don't fret. The Safety Source LLC offers a variety of premium dusters to choose from in a full range of sizes. Get as much dusting power as you need to tackle blinds, desktops, fans and much more. Several of our dusters are designed with extended reach handles to get into hard-to-reach places.

If you're ready to tackle your hard surfaces, shop at The Safety Source LLC for a large selection of brooms mops and dusters. We carry everything you need to whisk away dirt and grime in your workspace or storefront, so employees and customers can be comfortable.

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