Beat winter weather by coming prepared with winter supplies from The Safety Source LLC. We carry everything you need to manage snow and ice, including ice melt salt and hand warmers. Our winter supplies are designed to quickly manage slippery conditions to keep clients, employees and residents safe. Shop online and beat the rush in the store while having your winter goods delivered right to your door.

Ice Melt

If you live in a climate where snow and ice is a common winter concern, you know how important it is to have ice melt available. Traditional salt works quickly to lower the freezing point of water, transforming ice and snow back to a liquid. Use salt on driveways, under cars and on walkways to clear away ice and to provide a safe surface to walk or drive on. Morton Safe-T-Salt is one of our favorites and comes in an economical 50-pound bag. For sensitive surfaces like concrete, tracks and tennis courts, magnesium chloride is the way to go. While traditional salt can pit concrete and corrode metal, magnesium chloride is gentler on surfaces while still melting away ice and snow.

Of course, ice doesn't just form on driveways, walkways and stairs. It can also form on your car's windshield, making it difficult to see and requiring you to spend time in the cold scraping and chipping away at the ice. Speed up the process with a de-icing spray like Payrol Windshield Spray De-Icer and say goodbye to pesky ice accumulations.

Hand Warmers

Staying warm when tackling winter chores can be a challenge, but with hand warmers, you can keep toasty while you shovel snow and spread salt. Hand warmers use chemicals to produce an exothermic reaction that releases heat and gently warms your hands. The one-time use packets are portable and disposable, acting when you need them and delivering targeted heat.

Beat winter weather with winter supplies from The Safety Source LLC. Our bulk salt, salt alternatives and hand warmers are all designed to help you remove snow and ice from your home or business as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Shop online for your winter supplies and enjoy competitive pricing along with fast delivery.

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