Your employees can't work without food and whether you're the type of employer that likes to stick to the basics or to offer something a little more extravagant, The Safety Source LLC is here to help with a variety of breakroom favorites at wholesale prices. From ketchup packets and condiments to quality snacks, we have everything you need and then some. Plus, we offer convenient shipping options so you can keep your breakroom stocked without ever stepping foot in a store.

Easy Online Ordering

When it comes to keeping your breakroom stocked, nobody makes it easier than The Safety Source LLC. We offer convenient online ordering of all of your favorites, whether you just want the basics or are vying to turn your breakroom into a mini snack haven. Our online ordering system couldn't be easier and we've even broken down our food selection into sub-categories to make navigating to what you need a little bit quicker. For your favorites, we also have an Easy Re-Order Pad, so topping up on snacks and condiments only takes a few clicks.

Improve Morale With Snacks

Employees that like where they work tend to be more productive and more likely to stay. A snack assortment in the breakroom is an easy, affordable way to improve morale, while making sure your employees are taken care of. A quick break for a snack can help beat the afternoon slump and make sure employees stay on task and feel appreciated. Our grab-and-go snacks are individually wrapped for convenience and to help prevent the spread of germs.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC for a variety of snacks, condiments and other breakroom foods. We carry everything you need to show your employees a little appreciation while you save money. Order your favorites online or branch out and try something new. We offer fast delivery on all of our food products so keeping the breakroom stocked is easier than ever.

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