Washing your hands is the best way to reduce the spread of germs. Make sure everyone in your organization has access to the essentials by shopping The Safety Source LLC for high-quality hygiene products. From hand soaps to sanitizers, we carry everything you need to stop the spread of germs in the office. Whether you work in an office or operate a high-volume retail establishment, our hygiene products make keeping clean a little bit easier.

Hand Soaps

One of the most basic hygiene products any business or retailer should supply is hand soap. Designed to effectively wash away germs without stripping the skin of natural oils and drying it out, this hand soap is gentle enough for repeat use throughout the day but tough enough to stop the spread of germs. We carry several types of hand soaps to choose from in assorted scents, colors and formulas. Order a refill jug or a standalone soap pump.

Personal Hygiene

For those in the hospitality industry or those purchasing for hospitals and other extended stay units, The Safety Source LLC offers a variety of personal hygiene products to choose from. Order feminine products, foot care, hair care, lotions, mouthwashes and more to keep guests and patients as comfortable as possible. Our personal hygiene products are designed with performance in mind, so while they may lack brand names, they certainly don't lack efficacy. Buy in bulk and save on the personal hygiene products your guests or patients need.


Buying in bulk is great because it can save you money, but it's important to have the right dispensers available so you can disperse your hygiene products in the most efficient manner. From soap dispensers to tampon dispensers, we carry everything you need to put your hygiene products in the hands of those that need them.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC for the best selection of personal hygiene products at affordable prices. We make it easy to order for your hospital, nursing home or other organization. Our incredible selection, competitive prices and fast shipping make us the clear choice when it comes to personal hygiene.

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