Carrying supplies is easy when you have a cart or truck from The Safety Source LLC. Our high-quality carts and trucks are made from durable materials and are on wheels, so you can push, pull and tote with ease. Our specialty carts are the perfect choice for janitorial applications, servers and much more. Whether you're dispensing towels, carrying cleaning equipment or are setting up a drink station, our carts and trucks have the features you need to get the job done.

Janitorial Carts

Cleaning carts are some of our bestsellers and for good reason. Cleaning carts make carrying supplies and trash from one room to the next easy, so you spend less time making trips to the supply closet or dumpster and more time actually cleaning. Most of our cleaning carts have space for trash and soiled linens as well as cleaning supplies, like spray bottles, towels and other essentials. Pared-down cleaning carts are also available for less intensive types of housekeeping.

Utility Carts

A utility cart can make or break your hospitality business. Whether you work in the restaurant industry or at a hotel, a beverage truck makes it easy for staff to offer customers a selection of goods while simultaneously making it easy for customers to see what you have available. Other utility carts can be used to bring special equipment to guests to make their stay more enjoyable. Utility carts can also hold supplies, like extra drinks, cups or towels. All of our carts are on wheels and many contain drawers or cabinets for extra storage.

No matter what your unique needs are, The Safety Source LLC has a cart or truck for you. All of our carts are made from durable materials and are designed to be easy to clean. All carts are on wheels, and carts range in size from a simple wheeled base for a trash can to a large, wheeled cabinet with built-in trash bins and laundry baskets. Shop at The Safety Source LLC today for the best selection of mobile carts at exceptional prices.

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