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LED Lighting Case Study



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Why Should You Upgrade To LED Lighting?

75%-90% energy savings over incandescent, halogen, HID and fluorescent fixtures

Low money down. Typical ROI under 24 months.

LED bulbs consume 80% less energy when compared to incandescent light bulbs

Your energy savings will more than make up for the initial expense of upgrading to LED fixtures

LED fixtures contain no harmful mercury and use less energy and produce higher light output


The Safety Source approached Bielomatik in reference to providing a turnkey proposal to upgrade their
interior and exterior lighting to new energy efficient LED fixtures. The Safety Source provided a free no-cost,
no-obligation proposal and once approved handled the application paper work with DTE Energy in order to
secure the largest energy rebate available. The lighting project took 4 days to complete; The Safety Source
worked around Bielomatik’s production schedule and performed the work on time, on spec and safely. The
entire building envelope was retrofitted with energy efficient LED fixtures and lamps, including high bay,
task, inspection, office fixtures as well as all parking lot and wall packs on the exterior of their facility.

The LED upgrade resulted in the following savings, improved light levels and maintenance costs avoidance.
These LED fixtures have a 100,000 hour life expectancy and come with 5 and 10 year manufacture warranty.

Scope Of Work

LED High Bay
  • Reduced high bay lighting energy consumption by 70% by replacing (86) 400 watt Metal Halide fixtures with (86) 140 watt Litetronics linear high bay fixtures that have a 100,000 hour life expectancy and a 10 year manufacture warranty.


LED Office Lighting
  • Reduced office lighting energy consumption by 60% by replacing (126) T8 4 lamp fixtures with (126) 50 watt Litetronics LED Flat Panels that have a 50,000 hour life expectancy and a 10 year manufacture warranty.


LED Wallpacks
  • Reduced exterior HID parking lot & wall packs consumption by 68% by eplacing (7) 400 watt metal halides that consumed 455 watts with (7) 150W igloo LED Corn Cob lamps 50,000 hour life expectancy and a 5 year manufacture warranty.


Light Quality
  • Warehouse area from 34 to 57 FC 40% increase in foot candles

    Production area from 45 to 99 FC 65% increase in foot candles

    Inspection area from 55 to 122 FC 65% increase in foot candles

    Parking Lot area from 21 to 33 FC 37% increase in foot candles


Environmental Impact
  • Pounds of Carbon Dioxide reduced annually 227,039

    Equivalent number of cars removed from road 19

    Equivalent number of trees planted 2,224


Savings & Rebate
  • Annual Electricity Savings $14,519.91.

    Reduced maintenance costs by $10,000. No need to replace lamps or ballasts for 10 years.

    Rebate amount captured from DTE Energy $7,507.99.


  • 21 Month ROI, 10 year warranty on LED High Bay fixtures, LED Flat Panels and 5 year warranty on LED parking lot and wall pack fixtures.


- Step 1 -

Lighting Analysis

The Safety Source will perform a free comprehensive lighting analysis of your interior and exterior lighting.

- Step 2 -

Rebate Calculation

We analyze your current lighting scheme with the help of our program calculator to estimate any rebates you will receive for updating to LED.

- Step 3 -

Cost Reduction

After we determine the cost of upgrading your lights to LED, our software calculates the reduction in your monthly electric bill you should expect.

- Step 4 -


We install your new LED lights! After our turnkey installation, your energy bill will drop immediately and you will begin to see the savings on your next (and every subsequent) energy bill. Typical ROI is under 2 years.

The Safety Source has retrofit over 70 million sq. ft. of industrial and commercial space throughout the United States and Canada since 2008. We have performed these projects for the worlds largest OEM and Tier I automotive manufacturers, multiple car dealerships, distribution centers, retail stores, churches, schools, and hospitals.

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