Vending Solutions

The MRO / Safety Vending Solutions Dispenser provided by The Safety Source is our automated dispensing and inventory control system based on age-old proven vending machine technology, combined with the enormous power of our customizable software we can provide flexible solutions to any business. Facebook, Google, HP, Norfolk Southern, Magna are just a few of the companies using this technology to control and track MRO, PPE & Office Supply usage.


More Accountability Means Less Waste

The dispenser solution reduces the usage of daily consumables and overall costs through employee accountability, accurate inventory management and improved employee efficiency.


  • Reduce Product Shrinkage:The software tracks each employee usage and can limit their access to supplies based on their job, department or the time of day. You can limit an employee to what they should use in any given period.


  • Increase Employee Efficiency:The dispensers have the durability and capability to hold a large stock of items. The machine can be located right on your shop floor. Employees have a quick and easy access to all the supplies they need without having to walk over to a parts storage area or get a supervisor to get the items.


  • Reports- Reports- Reports:Almost anything you need to know can be viewed in the available reports. Hundreds of report variations can give you information on specific product usage, type of product, by employee, by machine for any date period, etc.


  • Reduce Supervisor/Safety Manager’s allocation time:Ask yourself how many man hours your supervisors and/or safety department personnel spend handing out and procuring supplies. You will see an immediate reduction in their time performing these duties thus making them much more productive to your bottom line. Our technology has the ability to send our email or text alert when an item is out of stock or did not dispense.


Vending Equipment Features & Advantages

  • 5 - 7 Shelves offering 6 - 12 facings per shelf with 5-20 items per selection.
  • 30- 60 product facings overall
  • Capacities range from 300 – 1400 items per machine and depend on the product size and thickness.
  • Reader unit with pin pad identification
  • Cellular connection – no need to work through your firewall or internet connection.
  • Adjustable shelving to accommodate product changes.
  • Ability to tracking employee usage, set restrictions by job classification, allow for employee purchase option if employee requires items beyond restriction amount or time frame by providing a 5 digit code for each employee. This will allow for reporting if employee payroll deduction is required.
  • Ability to set up file server to connect to Human Resource Dept. so any time new employees need to be added or removed this process is automatically performed which is a tremendous reduction in time associated with updating employees.

An Inventory Technician will be provided by The Safety Source, this Technician will pull supplies from a secure storage area to fill machine requirements 6 days per week.