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Save Money And Increase Efficiency With Our Vending Solutions

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Ensure Accountability, Increase Efficiency and Save Money!

If you’ve ever bought a candy bar, chips, or a can of soda from a vending machine, you understand their convenience. While industrial vending machines don’t disperse food, they do provide direct access to supplies for your employees and business.


The benefits of industrial vending machines include:

  • - More accountability
  • - Increased efficiency
  • - Cost-saving
  • - Reports
  • - Streamlining the ordering process

What Our Vending Solution Can Do For You

The MRO / Safety Vending Solutions Dispenser provided by The Safety Source is our automated dispensing and inventory control system based on age-old proven vending machine technology, combined with the enormous power of our customizable software we can provide flexible solutions to any business. Facebook, Google, HP, Norfolk Southern, Magna are just a few of the companies using this technology to control and track MRO, PPE & Office Supply usage.

How Our Vending Process Works

More Accountability Means Less Waste

Reduce the usage of daily consumables and overall costs through employee accountability. You are able to limit what supplies each employee is allocated per month, week, or even day. These allocations can be customized for each individual employee. You can also limit access to supplies based on their job, department or the time of day.


Vendor Managed Vending Program

Let us do the work for you! With our Vendor Managed Vending Programs, our vending technicians will fill your machines, track inventory, place your order, organize, clean, and provide maintenance to your machines on a daily or weekly schedule. Making sure you always have the supplies you need, when you need it.

Man wearing safety vest and other PPE using Safety Source PPE Vending Lockers.
Three Safety Source PPE Vending Machines showcasing various ppe items.







Vending Machine Options

A. Spend $72,000 annually with The Safety Source and get 1 vending machine at no cost, 36 and 60 month agreement terms.


B. The Safety Source will provide 1 vending machine with a monthly software service agreement of $650/Month per machine for a 36 month term and $395/Month per machine for a 60 month term. The customer agrees to purchase products put into the machine from The Safety Source LLC at an agreed upon price.


C. Purchase the vending machine for $11,000 each, plus $150/Month software service agreement for a 36 or 60 month subscription term.


Vending Equipment Features & Advantages

Save Money

The biggest advantage of a vending solution is the money you'll save by reducing the usage of daily consumables and overall costs through employee accountability, accurate inventory management and improved employee efficiency.


Almost anything you need to know can be viewed in the available reports. Hundreds of report variations can give you information on specific product usage, type of product, by employee, by machine for any date period, etc.

Save Time

Reduce the time your supervisors spend handing out and procuring supplies. Our technology has the ability to send out email or text alerts when an item is out of stock or did not dispense.

Internet-issue Proof

Our vending machines use a cellular connection. Eliminating downtime from loss of internet connection or issues with your firewall.

Manage Employees Easily

Our software allows you to manage and add new employees. Limit employees usage and the type of supplies they are allowed to get.

Expert Support

An Inventory Technician can be provided by The Safety Source. The Technician will pull supplies from a secure storage area to fill machine requirements 6 days per week.

Multiple Ways To Access The Vending Machine

Man using card scanner on PPE Vending Machine.
Card Scanner
Woman using Keypad with PPE vending machine.
Man using RFID badge with PPE vending machine.
RFID Badge
Man using magnetic strip on ppe vending machine.
Magnetic Strip
Man using barcode scanner on ppe vending machine.
Barcode Scanner

Multiple Vending Machine Types To Fit Your Needs

We have many different types of machines that you can mix and match to suit your needs. The machines are also highly customizable with adjustable shelving. We are also able to fully customize the outside of the machines with any color you want and we can even put your logo on the machines.

Smart station PPE vending machine that uses spindles to vend PPE items.


Our most popular machine, the SmartStation allows simple, secure and immediate access 24/7 to the critical supplies your employees need.

SmartVault PPE Vending lockers that hold larger ppe and safety items.


The SmartVault is designed for distributing and tracking handheld devices and scanners. Built with connectivity, you can charge and configure devices in-unit.

SmartLocker that can be connected to Smartstation PPE Vending machine.


The SmartLocker allows check-out and check-in of fragile or bulky items. Use as a stand-alone system or pair with a SmartStation for ultimate capabilities.

SmartSync ppe vening lockers designed for temporary loan items.


The SmartSync was designed for loaning, tracking or exchanging electronic devices. With its built-in connectivity, you can charge and configure devices in-unit.

SmartCenter IT vending machine.


With the SmartCenter, IT teams can provide live and complete desktop support to remote locations within your organization, including loaning new equipment.

Multiple Industry Uses

Our vending machines can be used for many different applications an environments, including manufacturing, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

Industrial PPE Vending machine with PPE supplies.

Industrial PPE

Empl­oyees need immediate access to the critical tools and PPE to accomplish their jobs, and employers need to manage and track that inventory. Vending solutions solve both problems.

Office supply vending machine.

Office Supplies

Pack your vending machine with office supplies, and The Safety Source will make sure your work will never grind to a halt. Both employers and employees enjoy automated distribution and inventory tracking that remove barriers and improve productivity.

Education supplies vending machine.

Educational Supplies

Students, faculty and staff rely on technology to learn, teach, research and facilitate the creation of new knowledge. Vending solutions allow campus IT managers to increase efficiency while reducing administrative work with solutions for break/fix support, device distribution and inventory management.

Medical supplies vending machine.

Medical Supplies

In healthcare, access to critical PPE supplies is paramount to the safety of both the patient and healthcare provider. In addition, keeping track of your inventory levels at all times makes sure your staff has access to the PPE supplies they need.

Why Choose The Safety Source LLC?

The Safety Source is the premier safety, janitorial and industrial supplier with nationwide coverage.


We have fantastic support, competitive pricing– we’ll beat anyone by 7%, easy reordering, free local delivery for $300 or large orders, and next-day delivery within our service area.


If you need help with industrial vending machines, get in touch with our team of experts at The Safety Source today.

Success Stories

"Fisher Dynamic has seen over a 30% cost savings related to our consumption of various safety and MRO supplies since we contracted with The Safety Source. We are very happy with the service and savings The Safety Source has provided year over year."

Fisher Dynamics

"The team at The Safety Source displaced a competitor and introduced our facility to industrial vending for our safety (PPE) supplies. Magna is very happy with the cost savings, control and service The Safety Source provides, we never run out of crucial supplies and we have seen a 40% reduction in consumption."

Facility Manager
Magna Seating

"We have been contracting The Safety Source to manage our MRO supplies with their state of the art vending software we have seen on average $6,000 per month savings! They also perform pallet racking repairs & installation and have always accommodated our busy production schedule while providing the best value."

EHS Manager

Detroit Manufacturing Systems

PPE Vending Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can We Use PPE Supplies From Another Supplier?

The Safety Source would obviously like to be your PPE Supplier, but you can purchase your PPE Supplies from another vendor if you purchase the machine or if you're leasing the machine. For those Enterprise customers that are spending $6,000 a month or more per machine we will provide the machine and the software at no charge. We simply require that you spend $6,000 a month in supplies that go into the machine from the Safety Source. 

Can I Set Vending Limits For My Employees?

The vending software allows you to set vending limits and restrictions for each department or as granule as each employee. For example, you can set limits so each employee can only vend 1 pair of safety glasses every day or week. Or you can restrict certain items to specific departments, so employees that work in a cold storage area are the only employees who have access to cold weather gloves. 

What Kind Of PPE Supplies Can Go Into The Vending Machine?

Typically you'll want to dispense high volume consumable items like safety glasses, gloves, sleeves, and vests. We've also have customers that vend earplugs, ear muffs, and even lens wipes. We also have customers that vend industrial items like paint markers, small hammers and chisels. So if your consumption is starting to get out of control, PPE Vending may be a valid option for you.

Who Is Responsible For Repairs?

If the machine has been vandalized or damaged the machine that is not regular wear and tear, the customer is going to be responsible for the repair of those damages. If it's just typical wear and tear, like a motor goes out, there is a 36 month warranty on parts. And the replacement parts will be shipped to the customer. 

What Happens If The Power Or Internet Goes Out?

If the power goes out, the machine will not operate since the Vending Machine needs a power source. If the machine goes offline or loses internet connection, the vending machine will store the transactions in it's memory banks until internet connection is restored. 

Will The Vending Machine Have Problems Vending My PPE Supplies?

We will test vend every item to ensure there are no issues dispensing. We will also setup a planogram that shows which location each item will vend from on the vending machine. For large item's that do not fit in a standard vending machine, we recommend utilizing one of our locker style vending options, that are designed for oversized items.

Is Training Included?

We will provide 20-30 minutes of virtual training and we can provide additional training as well. We will be training the administrator of your company, showing them how to add and remove employees from the system, as well as implementing any employee restrictions.

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