Mezzanine Case Study Magna Seating

Mezzanine Case Study

Magna Seating


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Project Details

Customer: Magna Seating

Location: Highland Park, MI

Application: Offices, training and research space

Product:  Two-story office mezzanine

Benefits Provided:

  • Allocated new space while minimizing lateral footprint by expanding vertically.
  • The Safety Source coordinated installation of both office walls and mezzanine.


In light of recent growth, Magna Seating Detroit required assistance with allocating new space at their already busy facility. In short, this client required the creation of additional office and conference space in addition to an enclosed area in which to conduct research and development processes.




Having already run out of space in their front office, and with limited room in their production area & warehouse, space was at a premium. Magna Seating Detroit reached out to The Safety Source for a potential solution.


Upon visiting the location, the Safety Source quickly realized the advantage of building vertically within the plant in order to take advantage of overhead space, while also minimizing the overall footprint of a new installation.


During the discovery phase, our client relayed several requirements for the potential structure:


-A research and development area would require the transfer of large equipment in and out of the room, and would need to be controlled as the processes inside would generate lots of noise and dust.

-Office space was needed as they had run out of space in the front office

-Our client also required a quiet area in which to hold meetings and training sessions.


Based on these needs, The Safety Source proposed the use of a mezzanine design in order to stack two large buildings that would provide spacious areas to accommodate our client’s requests.

The Result

The Safety Source worked very closely with the Magna to gather exact dimensions to ensure a proper fit for the mezzanine while also coordinating with Porta-King to ensure the modular wall systems secured a correct fit on each level.


The Safety Source used the Porta King wall system to create office space on the lower level while keeping a portion of the space open to serve as a parts storage area below the mezzanine deck. The upper level of the structure housed the enclosed research and development area in addition to a separate conference room in which to hold meetings and training.


In order to satisfy the needs for the research and development area, the building was installed near the dock side of the warehouse for easy access while incorporating a high-speed rollup door to allow efficient entry and exit of large equipment in and out of the room. Our fire and sound panels were used on both levels of the building to provide a sound barrier due to the level of noise resulting from the surrounding manufacturing environment.


  • -A Maintenance Crib was installed using wire partition on the 1st and 2nd level to secure high dollar maintenance items. Linkable Energy Efficient LED lights were used to light up the underside of the ground floor and second floor maintenance areas.
  • -3rd floor easily converts from a training center to a conference room using rolling tables and chairs.
  • -Custom Safety Railings were added to both floors for added Security.
  • -Once completed the entire 2nd and 3rd floor was outfitted with Vinyl flooring, a kitchen area, cubicles, office furniture, and décor.
  • -The 2nd 2 story Mezzanine was constructed to add a lunch room to create social distancing space. In addition add office space was added on the 3rd level for future growth as the new WL line ramps up to full production.

-The 2nd story Mezz we also constructed a Modular BSR (Sound Proof Room) on the ground level and built the Mezzanine over top of it. Magna uses it to test seats inside for noise and defects. The room was previous located on the plant floor and was made from steel studs and drywall. Going modular allows for movement anywhere in the plant in case the future layouts change. The old space is now used for an automated racking system.


Our Process

- Step 1 -


The Safety Source will work with you to figure out the best solution for your pain points.

- Step 2 -


Based on your requirements, the Safety Source will design a mezzanine structure that will fit your needs.

- Step 3 -


Our mezzanine experts will install the mezzanine structure according to the agreed upon design specifications.

Services We Provide

The Safety Source is here to help your business expand and optimize its floorspace; here are some of the services we provide:


General Storage

Equipment Platform

Industrial Catwalk

Inplant Office

Parts Inventory

Auto Parts

Exhibition Platform

Retail Store

Success Stories

The team at The Safety Source sat down and looked at our current space and provided an out of the box solution - a two story mezzanine with a inplant office installed on the 2nd floor. This solution was not only cost effective it was designed and installed on time and on budget. Thanks for being a vendor we can rely on.


Facility Manager

Magna Seating Detroit



We have been contracting The Safety Source to manage our MRO supplies with their state of the art vending software we have seen on average $6,000 per month savings! They also perform pallet racking repairs and installation and have always accommodated our busy production schedule and provided the best value.


Deb Dailey

Detroit Manufacturing Systems







Companies We Work With

Buffalo Wild Wings
Fisher Dynamics
Diez Group


How does the process of a mezzanine floor installation begin?

Once our project proposal is approved, we begin the production and delivery of the building materials. Typically, this takes 10-15 weeks. When all the building materials are delivered, our trained installers will begin construction while keeping disruptions to your regular business functions to a minimum. Every business varies, and we’ll work our installation around you the best we can.


How Long Does it Take You to Build a Mezzanine Floor?

No mezzanines are the same; some take days, while others take over a week or more. The time it takes will vary depending on the size and complexity of your mezzanine.


How disruptive is a mezzanine floor installation?

Our team understands that keeping your business running is important; that is why we work efficiently and keep disruptions to a bare minimum.


How much does a warehouse mezzanine cost?

Mezzanine cost varies by size and complexity. For an accurate price estimate, fill out our form or give us a call today.


Will there be A project manager overseeing the installation process?

Yes, there will be a project manager overseeing the entire installation process.


Will my completed mezzanine floor be inspected?

Yes, mezzanines are inspected to ensure they meet local building codes.