A-WALL Modular Offices and In-Plant Offices

Modular Offices Made Easy

Fast. Flexible. Affordable.

A-WALL modular offices and in-plant buildings are easy to install, easy to relocate and easy on your construction budget. They require fewer parts than comparable building systems and the electrical devices are factory installed in the wall panels. This means your initial installation and future changes will require less time - and time is money.

A-WALL Modular Office and Building Applications

Modular Offices

Mezzanine Offices

Forkliftable Offices

Partition Walls

A-WALL modular systems are installed faster and are more flexible than permanent construction. A-WALL can be disassembled, relocated or reconfigured as your needs change.


Additional benefits include:

-Quite, Fire-Safe Construction

-Prefinished Panels - No Taping, Sanding or Painting

-Factory-Installed Receptacles, Switches and Data Boxes

-Significant Tax Savings

-Simple Assembly Using Common Hand Tools

Two story A-WALL mezzanine installed in warehouse by The Safety Source.

A-WALL Is Faster Than Conventional Construction

Everything is pre-engineered. Wiring and windows are factory-installed in durable, prefinished panes for fast assembly. This means less discuption to your business and projects that are completed on schedule.


A-WALL Changes With Your Requirements

Pre-engineered A-WALL panels are interchangeable and 100% reusable. Your building can be expanded, rearranged or relocated to a new area or facility. You can't do that with stud and drywall.


Free Site Surveys, Design Assistance And Estimates

When you need to enclose personnel, a process or products, compare The Safety Source to the cost of permanent construction. The Safety Source LLC is prepared to assist you with your project from conception to completion.

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