Wildeck Structural Mezzanine Platforms

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Large, two-story Wildeck mezzanine used for storage.
Wildeck mezzanine that spans warehouse .
Showroom mezzanine showcasing 3-wheel vehicles on top of mezzanine gate, located in automotive showroom in Detroit.
Two story mezzanine with rotating mezzanine gates, located in Detroit Michigan warehouse.

Wildeck Mezzanine Solutions

For over 15 years, The Safety Source has been transforming industrial, commercial, and retail spaces with custom prefabricated Wildeck structural mezzanine solutions. The Safety Source is commited to excellence, from initial design to final installation, ensures your project not only meets but exceeds expectations. With a focus on maximizing space and efficiency, we partner with businesses across the US to create versatile areas that support growth and productivity.

Increase Space Eficiency

Cost Effective


Improve Workflow

Enhance Safety

Easy And Fast Installation

Designed For Your Application

Wildeck engineers are structural design specialists with industry and application experience that's second to none. Whether you need a standard or custom mezzanine platform, it will be designed by the best engineering team in the industry and provide the most cost-effective structure based on your load, size, span and height requirements.

Two floor Wildeck mezzanine in busy warehouse.


Ideal in production facilities and warehouses, Wildeck mezzanine floors provide extra storage, production space, and office space. Rather than solely using the ground-level floor plan to optimize space, these focus on the entire volume of the building to create added space.

Two story Wildeck mezzanine with inplant offices.

In-Plant Offices

Wildeck Mezzanines are common in places like industrial units and car dealerships. They provide additional space for an office while still preserving floor space. Uses for these floors can also include complementing existing offices that usually need a protected staircase.

Two-Story Wildeck mezzanine in busy distribution center.


Wildeck Structural Mezzanine Platforms robust construction ensures durability and safety, while customizable designs allow you to tailor the mezzanine to your specific needs, enhancing workflow and maximizing productivity in your distribution center.

Mezzanine with grate flooring used for extra storage.


Finding storage can be complicated, and many facilities face difficulties finding somewhere to put their extra products. Wildeck mezzanine floors help mitigate the struggle. Some companies use mezzanines for additional storage.

Green mezzanines used to store manufacturing machinery in plastics factory.


Production space may also multiply with Wildeck mezzanine floors. Many companies enlist the help of steel-work upgrades to multiply the loading capacity.

Wildeck mezzanine used to expand available space in fitness center.

Fitness Centers

Wildeck Structural Mezzanine Platforms are perfect for fitness centers seeking to expand their workout areas without extensive renovations.

Custom Design

Every project is custom designed to fit your needs and budget for your location


Professional installation


Best in-class customer service and warranty

What Is A Mezzanine?

A Mezzanine is a free-standing warehouse structure usually made from steel. It acts as an intermediate floor between the base and ceiling of a building. The purpose of its design is to cover one specific area of a building or warehouse rather than the entire floor space. They will typically be halfway up the wall of a building and don’t count as a floor in a building.


Though the primary purpose for mezzanine flooring is to provide extra storage space, they are also used for manufacturing, distribution, modular office space, and the expansion of retail space. Mezzanine level flooring utilizes the unused vertical space below the ceiling and above the floor providing extra, affordable space with minimal investment.

The Benefits Of A Mezzanine

Increased Storage Space

By implementing a mezzanine floor into a floor plan, storage space multiplies. Many manufacturers, retail stores, and the like use the extra space as storage for stock, inventory, and equipment, among many other materials.

Extra Office Space

Mezzanine floors are fantastic in production warehouses, as they can provide office space to production support personnel without impeding on machinery or equipment below.

Better Access To Elevated Equipment

Mezzanine floor designs, such as rack mezzanines, provide improved access to elevated equipment. In industrial settings, it allows for equipment to be stored out of the way but also in a location that is easily accessible.

Added Space In Retail Stores

Retail stores of all sizes utilize mezzanines to add space to their floor plan without expanding the building. Many companies use the extra space to display additional products.

Mezzanine Framing & Decking Options

Framing Options

Wildeck mezzanine Bolted C-Section

Bolted C-Section

Wildeck mezzanine Beam & C-Section

Beam & C-Section

Wildeck mezzanine Beam & Beam

Beam & Beam

Wildeck mezzanine Beam & Bar Joist

Beam & Bar Joist

Wildeck mezzanine Truss Girder & Bar Joist

Truss Girder & Bar Joist

Mezzanine Decking Options

Wildeck Roof Deck & Resin Board Decking Option

Roof Deck & Resin Board

Wildeck Roof Deck & Floor Plate Decking Option

Roof Deck & Floor Plate

Wildeck Roof Deck & Concrete Decking Option

Roof Deck & Concrete

Wildeck Bar Grating Decking Option

Bar Grating

Optional Mezzanine Accessories

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs)

Wildeck's Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) are a cost-effective, safe and easy way to move materials to and from a mezzanine level.


Whatever the load may be, moving materials becomes easier with a VRC. he non-passenger material lifts provide safer movement of materials than forklifts, and are less costly ton install, operate and maintain than passenger elevators. Wildeck VRCs are custom designed to meet your specific load, height, and speed requirements, and can be integrated with conveyor systems for automated material handling.


Magna Seating Detroit

"The team at The Safety Source sat down and looked at our current space and provided an out of the box solution - a two story mezzanine with an inplant office installed on the 2nd floor. This solution was not only cost effective it was designed and installed on time and on budget. Thanks for being a vendor we can rely on."

Cooke Rentals

"I am thoroughly pleased with the personalized service provided by The Safety Source; their approach was hastle free and easy on our end. The order accuracy and delivery timelines were spot-on, and the installers were exceptionally accommodating and professional. Everyone I interacted with was very helpful and cooperative, which was appreciated given the time pressure I was under. No question, they will be my top choice and recommendation for anyone seeking a mezzanine."

3rd Gen Machine

"The Safety Source made the work very easy for us! They made the correct recommendations, installed the mezzanine on schedule, and gave us a great product. We would gladly recommend you The Safety Source to others. We are very pleased with the mezzanine they installed, and the service we received was excellent."

Ready To Design Your Mezzanine?

Wildeck mezzanine in warehouse surrounded by pallet racking.

Enter Your Mezzanine Dimensions

Select Your Desired Flooring

Select Your Staircase

Select Your Handrail

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Upload Or Draw Your Mezzanine Layout

Need Help Designing Your Mezzanine?

Fill out your contact information and give us a quick description of your project, and one of our Mezzanine Experts will contact you to help you through the Mezzanine design process.


Every business is unique, and so are our mezzanine designs. Tailored to fit your specific requirements, our solutions offer the perfect blend of functionality and style.

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The Safety Source is a leading provider of premium Wildeck mezzanine solutions tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. With a commitment to quality and precision, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom mezzanine systems for a wide range of applications, from industrial warehouses to commercial offices, restaurants and retail environments.


Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each client to ensure a seamless, efficient installation process, delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations. We offer durable, space-efficient solutions that are perfectly suited to the unique needs of your business. Whether you're looking to increase your operational area, improve storage capacity, or create new workspaces, our mezzanine installations provide the perfect blend of functionality, style, and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Mezzanine Floor?

The cost of a mezzanine floor depends on the dimensions of the mezzanine as well as the features and what will be stored on the mezzanine. A mezzanine that holds heavy machinery equipment will need to be a lot more robust than a mezzanine used to store lightweight materials.

Click The Button Below For Your Estimated Mezzanine Cost

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Mezzanine?

Once drawings have been approved, it will usually take 1-3 weeks to install based upon the size of the mezzanine.

What Applications Can I Use A Mezzanine For?

Mezzanines can be used for industrial applications, whether you're using the mezzanine for storage with your production area underneath the mezzanine or you're putting additional machinery on top of the mezzanine.


Mezzanines can also be used for extra office space by putting an inplant office on top of a mezzanine.


There are also applications that would be open to the public like gyms, restaurants, and retail applications. Contact The Safety Source today to see if a mezzanine is right for you.

Do I Need A Permit To Install A Mezzanine?

Permit requirements can vary greatly depending on local laws and the type of building. If you're unsure about your local permit requirements, contact The Safety Source and we can work with you on getting the right information.

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