First Aid Training

Basic CPR/AED First Aid Training

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CPR/AED - First Aid Training is a basic training course in emergency care. CPR/First Aid - AED and other important emergency care skills are combined into one course. Which enables the graduate to function with one consistent set of priorities for use in a medical emergency. Students learn the same priorities of care and approach to the patient as used by medical professionals and will be performed at your location.


Safety Source Training Uses the Medical First Aid Training Program that focuses on development of the Primary and Secondary Essential Skills of Patient Care. The major skills of the course are as follows:

CPR/First Aid

Primary Assessment
Primary Circle of Care
Rescue Breathing
One Rescuer CPR

Choking Management
Control of Bleeding
Shock Management
Illness Assessment
Injury Assessment


Integrating the use of an AED
Basic AED Operation
Bare, Prepare, and Place Pads

Troubleshooting Messages
Legal Considerations for Using AEDS
Written Knowledge Review

Why Choose Us Over An Online Course?

Video Presentations

Hands On Training

Group Discussion

The Medic First Aid program uses video presentations, "Hands On" Training, and group discussions to aid in the learning process. As a result, students develop confidence in their ability to respond and perform skills in an actual emergency. Training will also be done at your location. Which will allow all of your employees to be trained at once.

What's Included

Safety Source Training CPR/AED - First Aid Training is a six-and-a-half hour presentation, but is designed for 12 students, fewer students may result in a shorter time frame. The program includes the following documentation and student recognition:

Documentation, as required by OSHA/MIOSHA and other regulatory agencies
              Individual Wall certificaties and Wallet Card Certificates
              Two year CPR/AED - First Aid Certification - One Year for Bloodborne Pathogens
              Students Guides (Student takes home)
The students will be given their Wall Certificates and Wallet Card Certificates unless you request otherwise. All other documentation will be returned to you and should be maintained in the employee training records.

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