Superior Glove SPGRK/A Cool Grip Plastic-Injection Mold-Trimming Gloves, Cut Resistant Glove, A6

0.17 LBS

/ Pair


Superior Glove SPGRK/A Cool Grip Plastic-Injection Mold-Trimming Gloves, Cut Resistant Glove, A6. From our Cool Grip heat-resistant glove lineup, comes a glove specifically engineered for the plastic-injection molding industry. It features a blend of yarns that deliver extended thermal heat resistance, plus cut and abrasion protection.The plastic injection molding industry requires operators to trim the flash from hot plastic parts, so the glove-within-a-glove design works to trap air for increased insulating properties that last longer than regular heat-resistant styles. They also possess high cut-resistance because of the polyester, composite filament fiber and Cordura nylon blend in the outer layer. Gloves scored a level A6 in the ANSI cut test. And, they offer good dexterity and coMFort for a heat-resistant glove with this kind of performance.

To limit the risk of allergic reactions, all of our Canadian-made gloves are now crafted with latex-free materials. Also available dotted both sides (#SPGRK/A2D). Cool Grip is a registered trademark of Superior Glove.

Cut resistant gloves are an important part to any manufacturing process. There is no such thing as a cut proof glove, but selecting the correct ANSI Cut Level glove is the best way to reduce and minimize cuts. Allowing your employees to be safe and efficient while they work. The ANSI Cut Levels range from A1-A9. A1 being the lowest level of cut protection, providing very minimal cut protection with 200-499 grams of force to cut the glove. A9 being the highest level of cut protection with 6000+ grams of force to cut the glove. ANSI Cut Level A6 gloves provide 3000-3999 grams of force to cut the glove. ANSI A6 gloves are made for high cut hazards and used in metal stamping, metal recycling, pulp and paper (changing slitter blades), automotive assembly, metal fabrication, sharp metal stampings, glass manufacturing, window manufacturing, recycling plant/sorting, HVAC, food prep/processing, meat processing, and the aerospace industry.


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  • Handling Hot Glass
  • Plastic-injection molding
  • Steel & Metal
  • Working with Metal Castings


Product Specifications:

Material Nylon
ANSI Cut Level A6
ANSI Heat Level 4
Package Size Pair
Case Count XS-M 96 Pairs/Case
Case Count L-2XL 72 Pairs/Case
0.17 LBS
ANSI Cut Level:
ANSI Heat Level:
Package Size:
Case Count XS-M:
96 Pairs/Case
Case Count:
72 Pairs/Case