Identification cards are used in a variety of businesses and public buildings. From hospitals to schools to utility companies, identification cards and name badges help make sure everyone is on the same page and that everyone is where they should be. The Safety Source LLC makes providing identification badges and name tags to employees and guests easier than ever with a large selection of badges and badge accessories to choose from.

Identification Badges and Name Tags

In general, identification badges are hard, printed cards with an employee's name and photo. A name tag is typically an adhesive sticker with space to write a visitor's name. Both types of identification have a purpose and serve to show that the individual has been approved to access certain restricted areas, such as hospital wings, schools and businesses. An identification badge can also help a field employee prove their identity to a customer at the start of a job. At The Safety Source LLC, we offer both card-style identification badges and name tags in various styles to work in a variety of settings.

Identification Badge Holders

Once you've settled on a type of identification badge, the next step is finding a way to display it. Lanyards, ID clips and reels are all great ways to help employees wear their badges and to keep them visible. A clear protective sleeve attached to the lanyard or clip holds the identification card in place without obscuring it. Identification badge sleeves are designed to not interfere with any chips embedded within the identification card and open top styles allow easy access to the ID to use a magnetic strip. A sleeve can also be used to secure an ID card without a hole to a lanyard or clip. Identification badge accessories are all designed to prolong the life of the identification card while also making it easier to display and use.

If your company or organization relies on identification cards or name tags for employees or visitors, The Safety Source LLC can help with a large selection of ID badges and accessories to keep things running smoothly. Our identification products are priced competitively and shipping is fast, so you can get the blank cards, name tags or badge sleeves you need in a hurry.

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