Batteries and electrical supplies are critical to any business. Whether your business relies on battery-powered devices or good old-fashioned corded electronics, The Safety Source LLC is here to help with the batteries and electrical supplies you need. Our high-quality electrical supplies are priced low and are ready to ship, so you can order online and have everything you need delivered to your door in as little time as possible. Browse our impressive selection for replacement batteries from your favorite brands and proven electrical devices that can help save energy or save your expensive electronics.


Deliver portable power where you need it the most whether you're powering a handheld data collection device, a computer mouse or a remote control. It's important that your batteries are reliable and long-lasting for every application. The Safety Source LLC offers a variety of name-brand batteries in common sizes, so you can quickly order replacements to power your most critical components. Shop online and enjoy below-retail pricing on the replacement batteries you need. Not a fan of disposable batteries? Try out some rechargeable batteries, which use a battery charger to replace lost power so they can be used again and again.

Electrical Supplies

For corded electronics, The Safety Source LLC makes your life a little bit easier with electrical supplies. From extension cords to surge protectors, we have everything you need for your big or small business. Our premium electrical supplies are designed with performance in mind, so you can shop with confidence knowing your critical electronics will be well protected. We even carry electrical accessories like replacement light bulbs and more.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC to get your hands on all of the best electrical supplies and replacement batteries to keep your business powered and moving forward. We carry a huge variety of products to choose from that help get power where you need it and to ensure a safe connection. Browse our electrical products online to find everything you need and more.

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