Tackle your toughest cleaning jobs with cleaning chemicals from The Safety Source LLC. We carry everything you need to clean, degrease and sanitize your space, whether you're doing a deep clean or just a daily wipe-down. Our cleaning chemicals are ideal for janitors, housekeeping services and much more. Plus, we offer bulk buys and wholesale pricing to make keeping your space clean easier and more affordable than ever.

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are liquids that are designed to be sprayed or wiped onto a surface. Select types of chemicals should be diluted before use, but instructions are always included on the bottle. Bleach is one of our most popular cleaning chemicals because it cleans and disinfects in one easy step. All-purpose cleaners are also popular, tackling a wide range of messes on most solid surfaces. Being all-purpose means these cleaners come in a wide variety of scents and brands. Other liquid favorites include bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners and degreasers.

Need something to apply your favorite cleaner? Check out our selection of hand wipes and rags as well as our mops and buckets to make cleaning fast and easy. Our cleaning supplies are surprisingly durable and with such a large selection, you'll find the right tools to go with all of our cleaning products.

Insecticides and Herbicides

Pest control is part of the cleaning process, especially if you run a restaurant or other establishment that deals with food. Fortunately, The Safety Source LLC offers a variety of insecticides that can be easily applied without the need of a professional. Our insecticides work overtime to keep pests away from your business, whether they fly or crawl. We also offer select herbicides to tackle weeds and unwanted grass in walkways and patios.

Shop at The Safety Source LLC for all of your cleaning chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. You'll love our value pricing, impressive selection, and fast shipping as well as the quality of our goods. Keeping your business open, clean and pest-free is easy when you shop at The Safety Source LLC.

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