Provide the necessary supplies for a safe workplace with high-visibility clothing from The Safety Source LLC. With bright colors and reflective panels, this safety apparel is essential for many workplaces. Items such as reflective work vests and high-visibility work shirts can be used for indoor and outdoor settings. With hundreds of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right colors, styles and sizes for every staff member in this collection of protective clothing.

Types of High-Visibility Safety Apparel

When employees are easy to see in all lighting or weather conditions, the risk of accidents will be reduced. This is especially important on job sites where large equipment or machinery is used, including manufacturing plants, industrial warehouses and construction sites. In some cases, reflective vests are sufficient for providing adequate visibility on the job. In settings where visibility is more likely to be compromised, consider providing your staff with full uniforms consisting of high-visibility work plants, high-visibility work jackets and other accessories.

High-Visibility Clothing Styles

Choosing the right type of clothing is the first step in selecting safety apparel for your crew. Make sure to consider the working conditions of the employees as well to find the correct color and style for each job. For example, roadway construction workers may require different colors and reflective coverage than workers in a warehouse or emergency response personnel. From neon orange and royal blue hi-vis vests to black high-visibility clothing, there are a number of options for creating the highly noticeable contrasts required for this safety apparel. Browse through the complete collection at The Safety Source LLC to find the right high-visibility uniforms for your staff. You’ll always get the best price guaranteed with this convenient one-stop shopping option for safety supplies.

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