It's time you created a custom pallet racking system for your warehouse or manufacturing facility. We have the pallet step beams you need to create a system that can handle the capacity and weight needs of your business.

Our beams range in capacity from 9,060 to 12,600 pounds. This helps you to build a racking system that will handle whatever you need to place on it. The face sizes range from 4.125 to 6.5 inches.

It isn't all about function, though. You can also choose from a variety of colors. These include blue, gray, yellow, green, beige, orange, white, and red. Now you can create a pallet racking system that matches your company's colors. Or you could create a color-coding system to create a well-organized warehouse.

We also strive to balance quality and affordability. You'll have dependability and affordability.

Use our pallet beams as a part of your pallet racking system and create a high-quality solution.

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